Transcription Services

Legal Transcription (including interview transcription)

We, at TypistPool, provide legal transcription services that save over 60% in cost and are extremely time effective.

We specialise in legal dictation transcriptions for legal professionals and service providers, from all practice areas, including:

  • Residential Property
  • Family and Care
  • Education
  • Employment Law
  • Wills, Trust & Probate
  • Private Client
  • Litigation
  • Mediation
  • Immigration
  • Clinical / Medical Negligence
  • Personal Injury
  • Other practice areas

Our legal transcription unit delivers a rapid turnaround of legal transcripts of dictated letters, reports, interviews, investigations and pleadings, file notes, forms, etc.

Legal documents can be prepared from your dictated information, which can be easily recorded on a smart phone or a Digital Voice Recorder, and can be shared via encrypted e-mail or simply saved in a secure remote folder. We then download the audio file upon receipt, convert it to requisite the text document, and return it to the sender.

We ensure strict confidentiality of the contents and comply with UK Data Protection Act 1998 as "data processors".

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Academic Transcription

We provide academic transcription services that include transcribing research interviews, focus groups and all forms of interactions between experts, researchers and students.

We avail high-quality academic transcription services, such as research transcription, academic interview transcription, thesis, transcription of student projects and other kind of university transcription services. Our transcription services are highly economic and competitive and include transcription services to professors, research scholars and authors in  the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Our specialised English language transcribers are experienced in transcribing hundreds of audio hours of lectures, seminars, theses, dissertations, journals and much more, providing you with the  best accuracy. We adhere to our client’s specific instructions and guidelines, related to formatting of the final document, and provide them with an error free transcripts.

TypistPool is the clear choice for universities and students to transcribe their audio and video files into text. We focus on all wide range of Academic Transcription including:

  • Lecture Transcription
  • Notes Transcription
  • Group Discussion Transcription
  • Focus Group Transcription
  • Symposium Transcription
  • Thesis/ Dissertation Transcription
  • Project Transcription
  • Round Table Transcription
  • Academic Project Transcription
  • Symposium Transcription
  • 1 on 1 Interview Transcription
  • Focus Group Transcription
  • Research Transcription
  • Presentation Transcription
  • Speech Transcription
  • Post Graduate Transcription
  • Accreditation Report Transcription

Media Transcription

TypistPool media transcription services are capable of converting audio video documentaries and feature films, podcasts, TV shows, weekly news, talk shows, radio broadcasts, interviews, video taped events, raw footage and much more into text.

In addition to transcription, we do facilitate our clients by providing video captioning and subtitling services as well.

Regardless of the length and number of speakers we never let the theme of source die when presented with the final outcome.

We provide fast, efficient and a accurate media transcription. We realise that in the media industry, time is very precious, and we honour that. Our transcription service ease your work, and in turn, puts you at ease.

Business Transcription

Information is the key to all business driven companies. An accurately transcribed information is vital for the smooth functioning of any business conference calls, investor meetings and there typistpool steps in, providing the services you can count on.

Our experienced specialists are well trained and deliver a great quality transcripts. Our business transcription services include conferences, interviews, focus group, group discussions, seminars, brainstorming sessions, press conferences, training seminars, board meetings, insurance claims processing, market research surveys, annual meetings, sales meetings, speeches, oral histories and investigations.