About Us

TypistPool is a leading provider of transcription and data management services since 2000. We are based in India and have over 17 years of experience serving clients all around the globe.

We can be your reliable partner:

We are a sterling organisation with a key focus on offering superior quality transcription work, to our expanding client base all around the globe. We can be your reliable partner and deliver you the most affordable, precise and timely transcription and data management services.

Providing dependable quality and accurately precise services:

Quality and accuracy come first and foremost in all our processes. Our skilled staff and advanced state-of-the-art digital technology allow us to provide high-quality transcription and data management services of all disciplines. Our team members are rigorously trained to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing precise and very accurate solutions. We have a dedicated Quality Control Department, which oversees all the aspects of our services, and assures the quality and accuracy of these services, at all the levels.

Bringing you extraordinary savings:

We have developed innovative technology that provides customers with high-quality transcription and data management services from India, at very cost-effective rates. Our services are highly affordable and we bring extraordinary savings to our clients. Bringing savings to the clients and reducing their costs is our big priority, and we take it very seriously. By using TypistPool services, you can save your data-management and transcription related costs to about 60%.

Ensuring high confidentiality and security:

We ensure high confidentiality, privacy and security of all the legal data provided to us for transcription. When you use TypistPool for your transcription needs, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data, as we take great care and ensure high confidentiality.