Database Administration and Management Services

We, at Typistpool, offer database administration and management services for all major database platforms. We can manage data locally or remotely.

In a growing data-intensive world, every organisation/individual capture or generate heaps of data - however, this data is only useful if it can be managed appropriately to meet the user’s objectives.

Database administration and management services allow you to have an improved access and understanding of your data, increasing the data’s benefits exponentially. Our capabilities in this field will allow you to take care of your data management needs so that your existing and future data is available at your fingertips in the most useful form.

We offer the services listed below.

  • Data design and optimisation: Indexing and database structure design for faster retrieval of data and space optimisation
  • Data monitoring and maintenance: Monitoring and maintenance of data, including monitoring of scheduled jobs and free space
  • Backup and recovery: Backup and recovery of databases and management of services continuity
  • Security services: Implementation of security best practices including database security audits, data encryption and masking, updating software
  • Performance Tuning: Database performance monitoring and optimisation
  • Documentation and reporting: Preparation of support documentation and performance and backup reports